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Sri Balaji Decors & co is the leading wholesale distributors in Natural veneers, Smoked veneers, fancy veneers, Recon veneers, Royale touche laminates, WPC / PVC sheets, WPC door frame ( WPC vascal) , Plywoods & Flexy etc. This picture show vintage teak crown ( vintage teak cr.) Natural veneers. In vintage teak crown there is some knot which makes surface shiny and new for a long time.
Sri Balaji decors co. Is leading wholesales distributors in Bangalore. We deal with best brand available in country. They are Unituff veneers, Welmon , Alstone, plastimber, Gold vision & Royale touche laminates. Vintage oak metallic is natural metallic veneers. Vintage oak metallic is a fancy veneer.
Smoked vintage Oak is natural veneer which made up of natural tree. It look very fairy & better finishing for home and offices.
Vintage Oak is a natural veneer .
Sri Balaji decors & co is the leading wholesale distributors of Natural Veneers , Smoked veneers, fancy veneers , Recon veneer, metallic Veneers , WPC/PVC sheets, WPC door frame ( WPC vascal ) , Royale touche laminates, Plywoods & Flexy etc. This picture show smoked vintage teak tree ( sm vintage teak tree ).
Oak cluster brush metallic is a natural veneers.
Oak cluster brushed metallic is natural veneer. The metallic veneer is a rustic yet one of the most luxurious designs. This veneers is best used for an antiquated Interiors for both home & offices.
Smoked Oak flakes is a natural Veneers which is made up of pure natural wood veneer. In this Veneers linear pattern makes better finishing & more shiny.