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We are the wholesales distributors in WPC door frames in Bangalore at very very cheap rates. It has 100% termites proof, 100% water proof, Fire resistant, , Bacteria free etc.We have available sizes are given below:- 3X2 4X2 4X2.5 5X2.5. Available length in all sizes we have 2.5' 03' 05' 06' 07' 10' 14' Please free to contact with us.
We are the leading wholesales distribution in Bangalore for WPC/PVC frame. We bought this WPC frame in very very cheap rates in ours cities. which have 100% water resistant, 100% termites free, excellent screw handling, 100% bacteria free etc. We have available sizes are - 3X2 4X2 4X2.5 5X2.5. .we maintain the available sizes in length are as follow-up 2.5, 3 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 .etc.
We are wholesales distributors of WPC door frame. It's has 100% water proof, termites & borer proof, fire retardant, Bacteria & fungus resistant, Excellent screw withdrawal strength. WPC door frame makes the eco friendly & environment friendly.we have available sizes in stock are as follows-: 3X2 4X2 5X2 4X2.5 5X2.5 We have available sizes in length as:- 2.5 03 05 06 07.